Research Question

As is currently repeatedly stated, in times of the corona pandemic our doctors in the outpatient sector are the first line of defence of the German health care system in the fight against the virus.
Therefore, the aim of the study is to examine this sector in more detail with regard to its current role during the pandemic as well as with regard to future care.

The following questions are at the centre of the study:

  • Which organisational challenges are experienced in adapting to the crisis situation?
  • Which economic challenges for the practice can be identified concretely?
  • What effects does the crisis have on patient care?
  • What interpersonal challenges does the crisis bring with it?

The results should contribute to a better preparation of the outpatient sector for epidemics and pandemics in the future. At the same time, they can contribute to being able to react early to possible problems that are already apparent in the outpatient sector. In this context, possible deteriorations in the health situation of patients as a result of a currently suboptimal care situation due to the COVID 19 pandemic should be mentioned above all. In addition, opportunities for a long-term improvement in care are identified, e.g. as a result of digitalisation and the increase in telemedical forms of treatment.